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Watson & Co

2016 Catalog

Watson & Co is proud to present our second catalog.  Nearly double the size, we have new offerings in Edison light bulbs, Prohibition pillows,  Floor, table and ceiling lighting.  We are featuring on our cover wall flowers in 3 different finishes (rust, gold and platinum) and 3 different sizes.  These flowers are hand made by a family in India and are being offered at excellent pricing.  Have a great year!

2016 Supplement

As a late entry for 2016, we came upon a vast supply of reclaimed appliance metal from Europe.  Inspired by the Prohibition era, we are printing many of our one of a kind medical and obscure images as well as newly design street signs and patent signs with that “between the wars” feeling.

This is just a start as we have dozens more printed steel art signs to make in 2016!